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The companies Banias and Bambiplast were established in 1971 by Micha and Thelma Shumen as a company to create and market irrigation systems.

Since 2015, the companies have been located in Afula, in a 15-dunam complex and in a 5,000-square-meter building with production and packaging halls with 9 advanced extrusion lines and warehouses for storing dozens of brands marketed by the companies.
The companies are among the largest and leading in Israel for marketing accessories and manufacturing polyethylene pipes with diameters up to 500 mm for various needs.

Banias and Bambiplast are proud of the professional capabilities, reliability and commitment to all their customers, in the veteran staff. The workers have many years of knowledge and experience in the plumbing and accessories industry. We work around the clock throughout the year. The company’s professional marketing and distribution system is geared to market needs and customer requirements.

Banias and Bambiplast have been active for many years in many areas: water, agriculture, sewage, communications and electricity.

We are proud of the companies’ contribution to building the Zionist vision. Since the 1970s, the companies have been involved in many national projects, such as: Road 6, the Government Quarter in Haifa and Beer Sheva, and residential buildings such as Complex W in Tel Aviv.

In the field of agriculture, the cornerstone of the companies, it is worth noting that every third field in the State of Israel uses irrigation pipes from our products.
Banias Ltd. is the exclusive representative of ELYSEE products in Israel and we work closely with the WAVIN agency in Israel. Our accessories provide a reliable solution with an Israeli standard for agricultural systems and industrial infrastructure.

Our list of customers over 15 years includes market leaders in various fields:

In the field of agriculture – Naan Dan Jin, Rivlis, Netafim, Hamashbir, Amir
In the field of water – Mekorot, S.L., Mendelssohn
In the field of electricity – RAS Electric, Nitzan Friedberg, Direct Electricity
In the field of communications – Bezeq, Hot, Cellcom
In the field of sewage – SAL

The company’s sophisticated laboratories perform sample tests of each production series before supplying it to the customer according to the many standards for which the companies’ products have been approved. The quality assurance system is approved by the Israeli Standards Institute ISO 9001-2015.

50 years of service reliability and quality

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The company’s roots are rooted in the beginnings of Zionism, when the founders’ parents immigrated as pioneers to dry up the Emek-Jezreel swamps and fulfill the Zionist vision of establishing Moshav Beit Shearim.

Micha and Thelma Shumen, as outstanding farmers, were looking for the next challenge and together with her brother Ben Ami Manhalal, in 1971 they established a company called “Bambfilst” for the production of polyethylene pipes.

It was a new and groundbreaking material, which began to replace the iron and aluminum pipes used in agriculture in those days.

At the same time, they set up the marketing company “Banias” for drip systems that they developed for farmers themselves.

The company began its activity on the farm and soon moved to the industrial area that opened in Upper Nazareth.

In 1984, the Shumen family bought the partner’s share and grew the company into another field – cable communications, which entered Israel at the time.

The second generation in the industrial industry joined the company in 1994, when the dynamic family company also developed into the fields of electrical piping.

The millennium proved to be a good time to double the company by purchasing a large and spacious structure adapted to its growing needs.

In addition, the activity of another company was acquired, which added, in addition to increasing the production lines, the areas of sewage piping and multilayer production.

In 2007 the company changed ownership between the generations and today Tzur Shumen is the owner of the companies.

Over the years, when the building in Nazareth became small for the needs of the company, which grew at a dizzying pace, it moved its headquarters to Afula, to a 15,000-square-meter factory with 9 production lines.

The team of veteran and professional employees are the key to the success and growth of the company.

The professionalism of each of the employees adjusts the company’s products to the changing needs of the customers in the best way.

Companies have a long tradition of uncompromising quality. Beginning in the 1970s, when Bambiplast was the number 71 customer of the young Israeli Standards Institute.

Companies have many quality standards and standards from standards institutes in Germany and France.

All companies have the latest ISO 2001 standard and the companies ‘representatives serve as representatives of the Manufacturers’ Association in the professional standardization committees in their field.

The company is dynamic and excels in long-term growth of over 20% per year in each of the group’s companies, in accordance with the group’s vision formulated in 2008.

Currently, the group has a number of companies engaged in various and complementary fields:

Bambiplast is the largest private company in Israel for the production of polyethylene pipes in the field of water supply, irrigation, sewage, communications and electricity.

Banias represents in Israel leading European and international brands in their field and markets accessories and complementary machines for piping, especially in the fields of agriculture and industry.

Romold specializes in manufacturing the rotational technology (rotary printing), a leader in the field of plastic sewage control cells in Israel.

For the infrastructure field, Romold manufactures creative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs in the areas of safety, chemicals and more. The company exports to Europe under the supervision of local standards institutes.

Shumen Properties is engaged in the real estate industry.