12 Volt Welding Machine for Irrigation Pipes HDPE

Banias WM12V is a unique butt-welding machine for HDPE 40-90mm pipes.

Banias WM12V is made for connecting / repairing / fixing of irrigation and industrial pipes & systems on site.

Banias WM12V is a one-of-a-kind machine that can operate on a 12V battery of cars and tractors.

Banias WM12V is produced and tested in Israel under extreme climate conditions.


Cutting-edge Advantages

• Light weight – only 12 kg
• No need for a power generator - it operates on a 12V power supply
• The welding is stronger than the pipes
• Easily operated by a single operator
• Provides quick return on your investment – less than one crop-season
• A simple change of pipe diameter settings (from 40mm to 90 mm)
• Easy, low-cost maintenance by the operator/owner
• High availability of spare parts
• Saves money – no connectors needed
• Short & easy welding process
• Over 10 years of testing and field experience


Length 520 mm
Width 220 mm
Height 240mm
Weight 12 kg
Motor 12V DC
Heating element A/V  11
Suitable for diameters (mm) 40,50,63,75,90 mm

12 Volt Welding Machine


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